LPaaS extensions to boost your Loyalty Program

While LPaaS helps you create & manage your Loyalty Program, these smart & powerful extensions serve as great engagement tools to boost your customer engagement further. Our Coupon extension helps businesses create personalized discounts that seamlessly work with points. Mobile apps are a great communication channel for any retailer, helping trigger conversations when your customer is near your store, or sending across a personalized coupon on his/her birthday to make it memorable. Gift cards, powered by EasyWallet helps customers share their joy of shopping with close friends & relatives. Proxima is a free WiFi service which helps engage with customers real-time to enhance their in-store experience. All these, to help you create conversations that last forever.

Personalized Discounts

In the age old debate of points vs discounts, we are on both sides. A great loyalty program should provide for immediate gratification as a measure of recognition (discounts) and delayed gratification as a measure of loyalty (rewards as points). Our Coupons extension helps you create personalized discounts on any and every occasion or action, which helps your customer engagement strategy. The Coupons can be localized to some stores only or across the board. Using our REST APIs, your billing system can do a simple integration (in just 3 days, it’s so simple!!), to redeem the coupon in the bill. No extra work for the staff & it’s all completely trackable! Smart & EASY.

Engage customers better

In today’s mobile-first world and the need to engage your customers on an individual basis, mobile apps are your best engagement channel.

Our mobile app framework allows for customers to

  • Track their loyalty program – points, coupons & transactions
  • Create Gift vouchers and share with friends & relatives
  • Opt-in to receive special offers when visiting your stores & more…

and in turn, helping you create conversations that last forever.

Gifting is now EASY

Easywallet enables a retailer to create a closed loop prepaid card, unified with a loyalty program. This helps your loyal customers check-out faster avoiding delays paying through traditional payment modes. Your customers can top-up their prepaid cards, in-store or online. What’s more, customers can create gift vouchers from their prepaid cards and share with their friends & relatives. We also help the stores retail gift cards, powered on Easywallet. All this is done with your brand logos and integrated with our intelligent communication engine to trigger welcome messages & alerts.

LPaaS Proxima

This is where Technology meets intelligent Marketing. Proxima lets registered/non-registered customers connect to free high-speed Internet upon entering their favourite store. What this does for your business? It helps you identify, connect, and engage with your customers real-time. Make it relevant at the moment of truth, when the customer is in store. Enhance your customer’s in-store experience. Push real time deals, personalized coupons, and offers based on customer behaviour. What you get is a higher ROI on your offers & promotions, and an increased loyal base.